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TaxidermyPro Web Directory is an online directory of taxidermists and taxidermy resources that makes it easy for hunters and fishermen to mount their trophies. Think of TaxidermyPro as a yellow pages - but with everyone who doesn't hunt of fish torn out of book.

This directory provides many resources including: service providers, product vendors and manufacturers, plus links to trophy rooms and photo galleries with mounts of monster bucks, exotic game heads, african game, upland game birds, ducks, waterfowl, and the biggest trophy fish.


Founded in 2007

My name is Brett and I've been interested in Taxidermy since I spent my 6th grade summer on my late Great Uncle's farm. His basement was practically a museum of every animal that he hunted himself; I especially remember the elephant's foot and a five-legged lamb. His shed was full of buffalo skulls and antlers from his land. He'd catch pheasants all the time in his shed and even had his own fishing pond stocked behind the barn.

I met some taxidermists in my pool league and immediately took interest in their business, Jack's Taxidermy. I was surprised that Jack not only didn't have his own website, but Jack had never even browsed the Internet. Being an expert at business technology, marketing, and a professional web designer - I built a website for Jack and his 1st new client dropped off a deer head with a deposít within a few days.

Given the traditional nature of the trade, Jack probably isn't the only taxidermist that isn't making use of the Internet. Aside from advertísing, you can find reference photos, watch hunting and fishing videos, and browse encyclopedias for information ranging from habitat to color variants for any animal or fish that you'll ever mount. You can also use the Internet to find a bigger selection of forms, tools, and other supplies.

I built a 2nd website for Jack to use as a portal to Taxidermy on the Internet. It started as a few categories of websites that can be used to find reference images, a list of the most popular taxidermy websites online, and some hunting and fishing resources. When I started building a search application to find other taxidermy resources without being overwhelmed by unrelated results - I realized that what I was building should be used by ALL taxidermists. If more taxidermists use and add to the site, it will become even more powerful.

The resources currently available online for taxidermists are quite limited and look like they haven't been updated in ages. So I built a CUSTOM TAXIDERMY SEARCH ENGINE that only gives results related to taxidermy, hunting, and fishing. Then I built a TAXIDERMIST DIRECTORY (similar to the yellow pages) of taxidermists with websites and organized them by state/country. I will also be adding many more resources as new technology becomes available.

The site is RANKED #2 BY GOOGLE out of nearly one million results for "taxidermy directory". received 650+ page views, plus many hits directly from search engines during its first week live.

If you have any questions or comments about the site, please do not hesitate to contact us. The easiest way to make this resource better is by Taxidermists telling us what you want and need - and we'll do our best to provide it.

Thank you for your time,

Brett Syverson (Founder)


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