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This page is dedicated to the best taxidermy websites in the world. Every site on this page is highly recommended to provide the highest quality taxidermy products and services in the world.

Jack's Trophy Room

Take a tour through our Trophy Room and see mountings of monster bucks, exotic game heads, waterfowl, and did somebody say HUGE fish?


National Taxidermists Association

The National Taxidermists Association began as a thought, evolved from a dream, and was born of necessity during the first pilot meeting in April, 1972. Our founders were the inexhaustible Charlie and Lola Haynes. Together they fostered the beginning of an organization that would endorse education, solidarity, and standards for the entire taxidermy industry to embrace.


Safari Club International

SCI is the leader in protecting the freedom to hunt and in promoting wildlife conservation & education worldwide. With active members in more than 100 countries, no matter which chapter you become involved with, you’ll meet individuals and families that share the same passion for hunting and wildlife as you do. SCI fights tirelessly to protect the hunting heritage enjoyed by 45 million families around the globe, just like yours. An SCI membership is a commitment to the future of hunting and wildlife management and together, we help every sportsman and woman understand how, and why, SCI is truly first for hunters.


Wildlife Artist Supply Company (WASCO)

WASCO is committed to offering the taxidermy industry only the finest in tools, supplies and service. Since 1983, they have set the standard in quality for innovative tools, supplies and equipment for professional and amatuer taxidermists, as well as other serious wildlife artists, including scuptors, carvers, and exhibit builders.


World Taxidermy Championships

Join thousands of your peers for five days of educational and inspirational fellowship that will change the way you look at our profession. Record-numbers of taxidermists are already making travel plans to attend the 2007 World Taxidermy Championship. The last World Show attracted registrants from all 50 states and 22 nations! Whether you're new to the taxidermy industry or a seasoned pro, The 2007 World Show offers valuable educational and networking opportunities for all taxidermy levels.


World Fish Carving Championships

Record-numbers of fish carvers are already making travel plans to attend the 2007 World Fish Carving Championships. From all reports, this show will set a new record for attendance and competition entries. Whether you're new to fish carving or a seasoned pro, The 2007 World Show offers valuable educational and networking opportunities for all fish carving levels.


Taxidermist Emergency Relief Fund (TERF)

In August 2005, Katrina barreled through Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama and created a path of total destruction. In order to help the taxidermy victims of this disaster, an emergency fund (TERF) was established. The TERF fund grew and the first relief checks were cut to provide immediate help to taxidermists who qualified for TERF. You can donate game heads to this fund and use the receipt as a tax write-off.


How to Perform Taxidermy on Animals

Whilst many have sought the fountain of youth, it already exists for your pets and hunting trophies. By immortalizing them through the art of taxidermy, you can indoctrinate them into one of the most honored (and exclusive) clubs in the world.


Jack's Taxidermy in Minnesota


Taxidermy Trophies for Sale

We have bought and sold taxidermy mounts for over 30 years. We stock mounts from many parts of the world. The beauty and artistry of an outstanding taxidermy trophy is our passion.

For more than 30 years we have established relationships with museums wishing to reduce duplicate mounts or subjects not matching their theme. We acquire hunting trophy collections from hunters wishing to downsize. Hunters seldom buy from other hunter's trophies. Unfortunately, only hunters realize the cost and effort in acquiring a trophy, with its permits, guides, travel, taxidermy, etc.


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