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Exotics & African Wildlife

African wildlife hunting mounts, exotic taxidermy. Big game animals from Africa hunts. Trophy Lions, Zebra, Sable, Impalas, Wildebeest, Wart Hogs, Ring-Tailed Lemurs.


BiG Game Trophies

Big game hunting mounts and taxidermy. Big game animals from midwest America. Mountain Lions, Cougars, Pumas, Grizzly Bears, Minnesota Black Bear, Moose, Elk, Alaskan Caribou, Rams, Dall Sheep, Bobcats, Lynx, Pronghorn Antelope, Wild Boar, Hogs, Coyotes, Wolf, Foxes.


Monster Trophy Bucks

Big game hunting mounts, exotic taxidermy. Big game animals from midwest America. Grizzly Bear, Minnesota Black Bear, Elk, Alaskan Caribou, Dall Sheep, Lynx, Antelope, Wild Boar.


Upland Game Birds

Upland game bird hunting mounts, exotic taxidermy. Birds from midwest America. Wild Turkeys, Ring-Necked Pheasants, Black Pheasant, Sharp-Tailed Grouse, Ruffed Grouse, Quails, Willow Ptarmigans, Prairie Chickens, Russian Black Grouse.


Ducks & Waterfowl

Ducks & Waterfowl hunting mounts, exotic duck taxidermy. Drakes & Hens from midwest American hunts. Geese, American Wigeon, Barrow's Goldeneye Hen, Common Goldeneyes, Bufflehead, Gadwall, Greater Scaup (Bluebill), Northern Pintails.


BiG Fish Trophies

Big fish mounts, taxidermy fishing trophies, fiberglass fish mounts. Freshwater lake & ocean saltwater fish, Musky, Walleye, Northern Pike, Rainbow Trout, Largemouth & Smallmouth Trophy Bass, Stripers, Crappies, Bluegill Sunfish.


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